Reader. Writer. Dog Mom. Attorney. Photog. Astronomy Nut. Dream Believer.
Author of the fabulous debut novel At Last.

Lee WheelerWhat do you do for fun when you can’t dance without tripping over your own feet, can’t sing without dogs howling and can’t even walk and chew gum at the same time? Skiing? Um. No. Ballet? Un huh. Fencing? Horrors! Lee decided reading was the best choice. And it was glorious as whole imaginary worlds opened, and she swooshed down slopes and jammed with musical groups on stages around the globe all from the security of her cozy couch.

Unable to earn a living from just reading books, she spent years working as an attorney, nose crammed in hundred-page documents stuffed with insufferably boring words, all the while dreaming of those fabulous worlds alive in the pages of books.

Finally, she managed to escape from legal purgatory with the hope of living her dream of becoming a writer. And dreams do come true. Now Lee is the author of the debut novel At Last, the first book in The Friends Trilogy. Come and meet Henley, Quinn and Claudia and the delicious men in their lives. Friendship and love will envelop you and bring joy to your life.

Lee is dog mom to Tanner the Lab whose head is as big as a Maytag, Pollock the Borzoi who sees ghosts around every corner and does not go bravely to meet them and Ansel the Italian Greyhound who is gloriously evil and smarter than she is. She writes with the dogs at her feet—that is when they aren’t eating the woodwork, chewing the rugs, destroying their toys or digging massive holes in the yard. Lee spends her days in Pennsylvania where she usually manages to walk her dogs without tripping over their leashes. Fortunately, they love it when she sings and are happy to join in with her crazy arms-flapping dancing. When she’s not writing or dancing with her dogs, she’ll be behind a camera or a telescope.

Her best advice—never give up your dreams.